Pin Of The Week - #1

Pin Of The Week - #1

Jordan L.
2 minute read

To kick off our weekly blogs, we've chosen this year's most popular pin - Straw Hat.

If you know anything about anime/manga, I'm sure you've heard of a little series named One Piece. It is one of the longest running & most popular series, not just in Japan, but globally.

The story follows main character, Monkey D. Luffy, a pirate who's dream is to find the ultimate treasure - the One Piece. Luffy's appearance is quite unique, always rocking his Straw Hat. So much so, that he's often referred to as 'Straw Hat Luffy'. As he ventures the vast sea, challenges are always around the corner but Luffy always pushes through, inspiring both his crew & us viewers.

With that, we couldn't help but make an awesome pin to pay our respects. No, it's not just any straw hat, its THE straw hat. We drew inspiration from Luffy's scar under his left eye (as seen below), adding this to the Straw Hat pin. It's one of those IFYKYK kind of things! To those that don't, it may appear to just be part of the straw on the brim of the hat. 

The design is quite simple, but we think that's what makes it perfect. Below is a breakdown of the layers. As you can see there are only 2 colours needed. As for lining, each line has a purpose, providing shape or detail. It can sometimes be challenging to resist going overboard with the detail. (no pirate pun intended :D )

When we design our pins, we also like to envision how the backing will appear. Our logo is always a must, as well as finding the best placement for the actual pin/backing. If we get that part wrong, the pin won't sit right when applied to a piece of clothing etc. 

If you want to see more about this pin you can see it on the product page here.

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