First Conventions 2020

by Jordan Layt on March 14, 2020

Last week marked the start of 2020 convention season!

With both Melbourne Supanova & Sydney Madfest on at the same time, our team divided to attend both events. Brenden/Luck of Kings covered Melbourne Supanova, with Jordan  making his way to Sydney Madfest.

Now, if you haven't seen us at a convention before, or if you haven't ever been to a convention, it's an amazing place! It's an event where you can be whoever you want to be (cosplaying or not) & feel free to like what you want & buy what you want. Personally, we love Anime, Cartoons & Games despite what other people think!

For us, the heart of a convention is the Artist area. This area has a few names in different events (Artist Alley, Artist Market, The Alley etc.) but its fundamentally the same thing. It's the rows of both local & international artists who are selling their own art! This is the place to go for that 10/10 fanart, original artwork & handmade goods. It's where The Sunday Co calls home. 

Moving into Sydney Madfest, the team flew from Gold Coast on Friday. Setup was allowed from 3pm & we were at the door ready. Having done this so many times before, setup is smooth & carefree. For our display we always have a few key things, 1- Backing Banner, 2- Tablecloth, 3- Pinboard, 4- Stock Drawers (which hold up the pinboards). It usually takes us 30-60 mins to fully set up for a con.

Saturday 9:30am is when VIP ticket holders are typically let in to browse & buy (30 mins ahead of regular ticket holders). With a rather large crowd filling the foyers, the Madfest team decided to let everyone else in a little early at 9:45am. This was a good thing for visitors as well as Exhibitors, as it gave us more time to talk & sell our work. As the day rolled through, hundreds/thousands of Anime fans passed through the halls. We always make sure to get a good conversation in where possible, whether people want to buy from us or not. So many people are into different things, it's always interesting for us to listen to what the crowd has to say. 

By 4-5pm the masses tend to thin, leaving mostly people who arrived late, or spent their morning attending other events. We take this time to get in those quality conversations about new season Anime, or the latest chapter of a current Manga with the guests at our table. At 6pm everyone is escorted out of the building, allowing us exhibitors to do our mini pack-down for the day. 

Now, Sundays are almost always quieter than the Saturday of any convention. This was the case for Madfest Sydney too. With a slightly smaller crowd, we were allowed a little more time to talk to our customers & supporters which is always nice. If there's one thing we truly appreciate, it's the people who come to every event they can, looking for The Sunday Co & seeing what's new!

After 7 or so hours of trading on Sunday, 5pm came around & everyone was escorted out for the final time. Once all guests are removed from the halls, we are required to put on out Safety Vests so that forklifts can come in & take down everything that was put up only 48 hours prior. It's kind of weird to see it all go up & down so fast. For us, we pack everything back down into our suitcases in about 30 mins. 

After each convention we normally have 2 options, 1- head back to our hotel, grab some dinner & get some sleep ready to fly out the following morning, or 2- head straight to the airport & wait for our flight home that night. We actually try to fly home the same night when possible, in order to save on accommodation as well as get back to family. 

With the first conventions of the year done, this week we have Gold Coast Supanova. It's going to be a weird one, as it's only a 2 day event, being held on Friday & Saturday.

Check back in next week to hear how it went ✌