Gold Coast Supanova

by Jordan Layt on March 21, 2020

Second Convention of 2020 

So Gold Coast Supanova was held over Friday & Saturday. That's right, no Sunday for this event! I'm sure many of you may be curious as to how this makes any difference. I can tell you right now, it makes a massive difference. 

Starting off, we set up our table on Friday morning, as the con didn't open to public until 12pm. Everything went as it should, having our full table ready in under an hour. After that, it was all a waiting game. Now if you've been to a convention before, you're probably familiar with how many people flow through at the opening time because many queue up at the doors.

Come 12 o'clock, we hadn't seen anyone through the doors. After 5 minutes or so, the announcer exclaimed that the doors were now opening to the public. We were a little relieved, realising why no one had set foot in Artist Alley yet. But as the crowd came through we noticed that their wasn't much difference to how it had been 5 minutes prior. 

The slow trickle of supa-fans advanced through the halls, some making purchases, others just there to enjoy the events being hosted. It honestly felt like a Sunday afternoon at any other convention. Keep in mind, the Friday trading hours were set until 8pm. We still had a bunch of our regular supporters come through, for which we are grateful, but something just felt weird about the whole event. 8pm arrived, slowly but surely, allowing us to close down for the day & get some rest for what we expected to be a big Saturday.

This is where things really got complicated. Overnight the government passed a new warning saying "Gatherings of more than 500 people to be cancelled". Thankfully for us, this was effective the Monday following Gold Coast Supanova, meaning the Saturday would continue as planned. But we have a feeling all this news got to the heads of many who had planned to attend on Saturday.

From opening time at 10am, the sizeable crowd poured into the halls, being given free Mountain Dew, as they were sponsoring the event. We did notice, that the size of the crowd was smaller from the get go. But as things go, we continued our usual day interacting with fans, customers & anyone who stopped by our table. The people were particularly enthusiastic, ready to have a great day shopping & participating in sponsored events. 

By 4pm the Artist Alley had died down, with only few fans wandering through looking for anything they might've missed. Having thought it may turn out like this, I whipped out my Nintendo Switch & put up a sign saying "Beat me in Smash & win a free pin!". I almost instantly had my first challenger. To save time, I set the rules to only give us 1 life/stock. I'm fairly confident in my Smash skills, winning my first bout by a landslide. More & more people came through to try their luck at winning a free pin. I went 17-0 until a group of 3 boys approached my table. 

The boy's told me they'd just be wrecked by a pro player that was hosting games somewhere else in the convention. I gave the first a try & as soon as I saw him set up custom controls, I knew I was in for a challenge. It was the longest game yet & though I tried my best, I took my first loss.

As the time ticked down fewer & fewer people wandered the alley, until finally it came time to pack down. I managed to pack down in a record 20 mins. Overall, Gold Coast Supanova was still a fun event, however it would have been nice to have the usual crowd come through to experience it.

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